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TITLE: Forgetting
AUTHOR: cuddlyfruit
PAIRING: Hugh/Stephen
RATING: PG-13 maybe
SUMMARY: Hugh has forgotten their anniversary. What present can he find for Stephen on the spot?
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, I say, not mine!
NOTES: I don't know what possesses me sometimes.

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Hugh and Stephen conflicting emotions

Golf (Hugh/Stephen)

TITLE: Golfing
AUTHOR: Cuddlyfruit
PAIRING: Hugh/Stephen (Huphen)
RATING: PG-13? Maybe?
WARNINGS: Too much innuendo.
SUMMARY: Hugh really, really wants to go golfing…
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them, or they'd go, ahem, golfing all the time.
NOTES: Written very quickly. The idea was just kind of fun.

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Ebb Away : The Speech

Title: Ebb Away : The Speech
Author: cuddlyfruit
Fandom: The Daily Show
Rating: G
Character(s): Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert
Word Count: 982
Warnings: Dialogue only!
Summary: Jon and Stephen come out to the world on the last episode of The Daily Show.
Notes: This is my first fic in TDS/TCR. I did my best to get the voice right. It's also not a style I'm used to. So the punctuation and such are meant to imply that he is saying something a certain way. I didn't want to tell you how Jon was feeling or how the audience was reacting. I wanted you to see it all for yourself. This is partially me experimenting, but this is also just how the piece wanted to be written. The thought of adding descriptions really just kinda upset me. I hope I wrote it well enough that you can see the actions that accompany the words.
Disclaimer: Any similarity between the fictional version of the person portrayed here and the actual persons is purely coincidental. This is a work of fiction. This is not an attempt to defame the character of said person on the basis of libel, as the work is FICTIONAL (and NOT an intently false statement created with the express purpose of misleading others about the actual character of said person).

Any mention of 'The Daily Show', 'The Colbert Report', 'Viacom', any associated entites, or any copyrighted material pertaining therein is reasonably protected by the Fair Use Rule of the United States Copyright Act of 1976 and is not intended to infringe upon any copyrighted material.

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What a laugh, I've never been chosen by anyone. I wanna laugh, I'm not joking.

***EDIT*** Look, I even made an icon of it! *points to icon* ***EDIT***

An image that reminds me of Brokeback Mountain! Or, rather, Brokeback Mountain reminded me of the shirt in the picture. Not really work safe, but there are half-naked, very close cowboys! And Sid Vicious, as well!

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I'm supposed to be writing one of my 8 or 9 essays. Or studying for the drivers ed test tomorrow, which I've not even really looked at. Or doing my mth homework. Or studying the math for my ACT. Or reading the three chapters for English. Or studying for the science quiz. But wait, what am I doing? Oh, yeah, that's right. I'm on LJ!

Jack wore a skirt, but he knew how to scram!
-Bad Religion, You Don't Belong

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Everyone needs to listen to this mp3! Jello Biafra (from the Dead Kennedys), spoken word. Grow More Pot. In it he says thing like this:

"You can make 4 times as much paper from an acre marijuana hemp plantsthan you can an acre of trees."

Plus, he sounds flamboyant. Interesting speech, lovely lisp (I don't know WHY I love lisps so much, but I do) and I am happy.

Jello Biafra - Grow More Pot (Spoken Word)

If that one doesn't work -
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I'm so tired of picking myself up off the ground.

SONGSPAM! Alkaline Trio songspam. Most of it is from their newest Album, Crimson, because that's what I mainly have on my compy. I like their older stuff better, but Crimson is pretty good. Their old stuff rocks, though. My brother used to get annoyed because I'd listen to Alkaline Trio all day every day for weeks straight. :D Anyway...

Alkaline Trio - Enjoy Your Day. Dan has a slight lisp in this song, and I ADORE his lisp. This is the only song I uploaded that isn't from Crimson. I love this song. It's acoustic, the guitar is pretty, the words are pretty, Dan's voice is prettyprettyprettyful, it's sad.

Alkaline Trio - Crimson - Burn

Alk3 - Crimson - Settle for Satin

Alk3 - Crimson - Sadie

Alk3 - Crimson - I Was a Prayer

Alk3 - Crimson - Smoke which is one of my favorites on the album.

Comment if you get it, just so that I'll know if people like when I upload music. Also, if anyone wants some older Alkaline Trio stuff, ask away. I'm ready to listen to something else now, though. *switches music*

**EDIT** Btw, fryphile is most definitely male.

**EDIT** Alk3's earlier stuff is wittier. That was one of my favorite things about them, the wit. Their new stuff is lacking in the wit. ;.;
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(no subject)

Haha, this is the conversation between parabuzzle and I immediately after Hugh was nominated and made his speech. (Actually, it occurs through out. The first line I say is a second before they reveal the winner.) Everything is a garbled mess of squee, and that amused me, so I post it here.

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Cover of Radiohead's Creep, anyone?

**Edit** Problem maybe resolved! And I -so- did not, in the meantime, go and download just about every song titled Creep that I could find on BearShare. *stares* Alright, I did. Now I have to go through and listen to them all. o.o **/Edit**

Alright, I am going out of my mind, so I call on the powers of my f-list.

I was reading something, and the lyrics to a song came up. It sounded familiar, so I googled. Well, turns out it's Creep by Radiohead, and I definitely remember it. So I get it from BearShare. But it is -not-, in fact, the song I remember. So I get Creep by Stone Temple Pilots, thinking they mighta covered it. It wasn't a cover, but I remember this song from a long time ago, and am glad I got it. So then I got the cover of Creep by Cake, and it is the song, but not right!

So, anyone know of any other covers of Creep? Specifically one in which the singer's voice is very coarse. He practically screams "I'm a creep!" and all that, and that's the one I want.

You're all magic, so, you know... Do your magic. :P I mean, I think I'm going insane here.
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I've never even read the comics, hahaha.

I am not watching X-Men. I am so not watching X-Men.



Hahaha, I am watching X-Men. XD And yes, this post was completely pointless. Totally pointless. But it made me feel good. *churr*

I went to Chuck E Cheese's today. More "hahaha" here. I got like 249 tickets. I got a spinny top toy, a squishy frog, and a toy for both two kids, because it was one kid's birthday. I also did this thing where you put in a token, it takes your picture, and pretends to sketch it. So your picture is like a sketch. I don't look completely horrible, which is a surprise.

...Done now. Sorry.

**Edit** Ian McKellen?
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